Election in BedStuy upcoming 2024 New York State Assembly?

Clicking on the map will bring you to a live map that you can zoom in and out.  Be aware, the map takes some time to load.

The primary in 2020 for Brisport GREEN vs Wright PURPLE.  Wright lost and only was a majority in the purple / bainbridge area and a few other small pockets.

The assembly primary in 2020 for Zinerman vs CohenCohen lost and only was a majority in the YELLOW area.

The election for Huntley vs. Zinerman is coming up.  If we look at history, we can see that a similar race between the vanguard independent democrats club vs the democratic socialists happened in the past with Brisport vs. Wright in 2020.  You can see the majority Socialist vote in GREEN and the Wright vote in PURPLE.  This shows that the only part that Wright won was the BAINBRIDGE area and a few small pockets.

2020 Faster Live Map for BedStuy State Senate Primary link