Where are the New York City Property Tax Advisory Commission Examples?

Ralph Yozzo


·Jul 4

Replying to @fedex1 @AcappelliEsq and 2 others

Hi Bob and Allen. Enjoy the holiday weekend! But when you get a chance please post where the examples are for the property tax advisory commission. In the 2021 Brooklyn hearing we promised to give it to the public.


Allen Cappelli


·Jul 6

They are putting them up soon!


Ralph Yozzo


·Jul 17

Replying to @AcappelliEsq @BobHoldenNYC and @NYCFinance

Hi Allen, we really appreciate you answering. Can you tell us if the examples will be in the report? And could the commission create a Twitter account so that we could have things in one place? I apologize for writing to your personal account.