County Committee

There are many ways to serve in your community.

For those interested in helping your community, please help by representing your election district / block. The following will help you or contact 

Take a look at this map 

See (county committee) and (explains the map) 

Anyone that would like to run for the democratic party county committee contact me at

If you decide to represent your block by running for the Democratic Party County Committee, this page will help you find registered voters that you could help save money on property tax.   Write for details.  See you put in your credit card information and for a small fee it will give you a list of frequent voters by zipcode and also give you their property tax exemption information.  If they live in their home and have zero tax exemptions you can probably save them at least $300 a year in property tax.  Also they would probably be happy to sign your petition for county committee, after saving them money.  This is better constituent services than the current "please vote for me"

Example Frequent Voter / Property Tax Report (helpful for running for any office)