How much are government workers paid?

The general wisdom is that government workers are not paid much.  But you might be surprised by some of the payments.  All the information is public.

For example if you look at this government link you will see the highest over time hours for NYC at the time of publication.

Let's do the math.  This says Mr. INTERNICOLA worked many hours in the year.

If we assume a 8 hour day then Mr.  INTERNICOLA worked 260 regular days and 461 overtime days.  

All in Fiscal year 2022.  That obviously is physically impossible.

But let's assume Mr INTERNICOLA worked a 24 hour day.  Then, it might be possible. 

Of the 365 days in year 2022, Mr. INTERNICOLA worked 86 regular days and 153 overtime days.

But that seems not possible to work 24 hours a day (unless sleeping in the car counts as work)

So let's assume a 15 hour day.

But this is still impossible.  There are not enough days in the year for Mr.  INTERNICOLA to have been able to accomplish this.

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