See how each block voted in the 2022 Female State Committee Election in NYC

This is an analysis of the 2022 Female State Committee vote in New York City.

See live map link here


The New York State Democratic Committee is the Democratic Party's arm in New York. It's based in Manhattan and Albany and holds significant political power in the state. Historically, notable Democratic presidents from New York include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, and Martin Van Buren. The party faced challenges in the early 20th century, but gained momentum with John F. Kennedy's involvement in the 1960s. In 1974, they capitalized on Republican troubles from Watergate, securing control of the State Assembly and electing Governor Hugh Carey. Democrats have since maintained control of the Assembly and made gains in the State Senate in recent years. In 2021, Jay Jacobs played a role in urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign amid sexual harassment allegations and supported his successor Kathy Hochul. The party has maintained dominance in New York politics, controlling most positions in Albany, with Jay S. Jacobs serving as the chair of the committee as of 2022.